Moving House . . .

Hello dear readers and a special welcome to those coming over from Rhythm of the Home!  I have migrated my blog to a new site and hope you will re-follow me over there to keep up on my posts.

  • If you would like to follow my blog via email, please hop over to the new blog and look for the box that says “Subscribe via email.”–just enter your email and you’ll get a confirmation sent to you to complete the process.
  • I will be taking the new site down for maintenance shortly, so if you see an “under construction” message, send me an email at  so I can ensure you get access to the new site when it’s back up.
  • Thanks for your patience and continued support!

About talleygilly

I am a technology operations manager by day, a writer, and the mother of two children. My husband and I live in a town "in the middle of nowhere" in the Midwest. Born in the Northeast, raised in the South, and after living on the West Coast, I am delighted to settle right in the middle.
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